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Invest where Government Invest, attracting Industry Investment, both creating new Jobs, culminating in Population Growth, placing upward pressure on supply of housing to buy or rent

… this is your Investment Opportunity for Capital Growth, strong rental yields and growing a portfolio of Cash Flow Positive Properties


“properT network working with you towards you achieving Financial Independence through Educated and Strategic Property Investment”

How do you know who’s advice to trust or which property makes for a better investment; not all property is investment grade?

Achieve financial independence and a future lifestyle that YOU want & deserve through informed advice and access to quality Investment Property. In your title or in a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Sharing our intellectual knowledge and industry contacts with you

Our Guarantee to you is .. saving you a lot of time, stress and thus money in creating your own wealth

“The Queensland government is committed to building confidence in Queensland, creating jobs, growing the economy, improving livability and providing certainty to industry.”

There are over $100 Billion reasons to invest in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Greater Springfield Lakes … and other SEQ locations!

  • Over $40bn investment in current infrastructure projects under way, with a further $60bn in committed projects
  • Massive long term planned Resources growth positively impacting on demand for property, capital growth potential and improved rental yields
  • Exceptionally High Demand for Housing Projects are long term in nature requiring a massive work force all wanting somewhere to live
    • Drastic Under supply of Dwellings to own and for Rental Accommodation
  • Cities planned to more than double in population size
  • 10 industries in the area, limited ground available for residential developmentMining, Aluminum Smelters, Electricity Plants, Tourism, Retail, Harbour, Rail, Gas Pipelines, Refineries, LNG, CSG, Oil, Cement etc
  • Infrastructure Improvements
    • Road, Rail, Port, Airport, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Retail, Housing
  • Supplying China, India, Japan etc with clean energy for the next 20 years and longer
    • Australia’s status as a leading supplier of natural resources is world renown
  • Growth of employment opportunities
    • Resources and Mining, Tourism, Education, Health, Manufacturing, Construction, Finance, Insurance, Professionals, Business and Technical Services, Administration, Retail, Defense etc
  • Growth Locations
    • Gold Coast becoming a major location for owner occupiers
    • Moreton Bay experiencing high demand
    • Greater Springfield planned to be as large as Brisbane
    • Ipswich is comparable to being the Parramatta of Sydney

Visit Infrastructure Australia web site here to view Infrastructure planning and spend

Sunshine Coast and Ipswich have been highlighted by market experts as the top Investment Location in Australia !

2019, your year to Invest in South East Queensland ‘Golden Triangle’ from Sunshine Coast in the North, through to Brisbane and down to Gold Coast across to Ipswich, (Toowoomba) and back up to fast growing Sunshine Coast !


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2019 is the year to secure an Investment Property in Brisbane and certain pockets of QLD


Property Values in Queensland are lower giving you wonderful value for your Investment Dollar + Capital Growth Potential

Whilst Rental Yields already higher than other Capital Cities   =   Better Investment Yield and Potential for your Investment

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Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Moreton Bay & Morayfield, Greater Springfield & Spring Field Lakes, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Coomera, Pimpama, Logan, Ripley Valley, Moreton Bay, Emerald, Darwin, TownsvilleSurat Basin, Mackay, Chinchilla, Roma, Miles,   House and Land, NRAS,   Melbourne, SMSF Property

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