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Off the Plan : Townhouse | Apartment or House and Land in SEQ & Brisbane

Multitude of Choice

As you may be aware there is a multitude of choice of Off the Plan, or newly completed Apartments, Townhouses and House and Land options in Brisbane and the South East Queensland triangle

“properT network give you easy access to property across Queensland … what are you looking for?”

With so much choice where do you start, who do you begin to trust?

We will guarantee to Save you Time and Stress!  Email us your requirements as per below and we will come back to you with options to suit :

  • Off the Plan or Already built
  • Type of dwelling (Apartment, Townhouse or House)
  • How many bedrooms
  • Preferred Location(s)
  • When do you want ownership / completion to be
  • Budget
  • For owner or Investor purposes
  • Other

Email to :

This is our pledge to you : We will undertake our research and come back to you with a selection of propertunities that would ‘best fit’ your above requirements + market research and information as to why these properties match your requirements from which you can make an informed decision and select which you feel best fits

Our role is to facilitate the process and save you time and money in doing it yourself. Your role is to come to an informed decision and select which property best suits your own requirements and investment strategy

Is that reasonable?

Yours Sincerely

Stephen Lazar


View some off the plan examples here

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