Brisbane : Australia’s New World City

Brisbane needs to Accommodate another 1m people by 2031 requiring 30,000 new dwellings per year!



Words of Wisdom shared with me in my 20’s

“whenever I invest, I do not read the press. They have an agenda to offer speculation, create fear / hype and position opinion as fact!”

Ignore the Press : Brisbane on the Cusp of a Once-in-a-Generation growth opportunity on the back of massive Infrastructure Investment, new Job creation and a continued strengthening Population Growth where Vacancies are exceptionally low and Rental Yields very strong

“The ingredients are right for long term capital growth in Brisbane” says Di Marco

Brisbane requires another 1 Million people by 3031 in only 14 short years stimulating the need for 30,000 new dwellings per year!

This is massive!

Principal of Demand and Supply …. capital growth is inevitable!

Inner CBD perhaps may be oversupplied for now; interesting fact is tenants are leaving older buildings to rent in newly built ones. Suburbs on the fringe of the CBD remain in high demand with very low vacancies and there is definitely not an oversupply issue in the suburbs. Once projects such as Queens Wharf Precinct are completed 8,000 new jobs will be created. Inner City supply will once again be stimulated. Construction alone on this 5 year project requires 2,000 employees with most wanting to live and work close by placing renewed demand on current supply

Another video demonstrating Brisbane being touted as the new ‘World City’ should be viewed below. Your investment opportunity is sound, real and available to you now


Did you know that Brisbane now has one of the highest population growths on the back of Massive Infrastructure Investment?

Yep, there is a resurgence of migration and immigration into Brisbane and South East Queensland based on Lifestyle, Affordability and most importantly Jobs as per Terry Ryder’s recent report depicting Brisbane as the No1 city for growth

Your opportunity to secure an apartment in growing Brisbane. Where else can you get a 1 bed for under $400k or a 2 bed for under $500k and Rental Yields of 5%?!

Brisbane is touted as the Capital City with the next Capital Growth (we certainly exclude inner CBD which has an over supply issue). Your research will demonstrate that boutique developments and townhouses are highly sought after in Brisbane suburbs where vacancy rates are under 2%

If you prefer a House with Land outer Brisbane and SEQ offer 3 bed homes with land from late $400’s and 4 bed homes from early $500’s in quality locations. We find these homes achieve rental yields of 5% or a Dual Living home around 6.5% rent

Fundamentals are strong and growing with continued growth in the economy, a boom in exports, the resources sector on the surge again and energy projects begin to proliferate the market + massive spend on infrastructure = all creating new jobs now and well into the future

Further supporting information for your due diligence

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  • Why Investment into South East Queensland makes sense here
  • South East Queensland Infrastructure & Fact Sheet here
  • Sunshine Coast at 550,000 residents, your opportunity here
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