Eagle Street Plans

Dexus is forging ahead with a budgeted $2.1bn plan to transform Eagle Street Pier

The development plans by Dexus include 9,000 sq/m riverfront side on Waterfront Place and Eagle Street Pier in Brisbane’s CBD

The plan for 2 commercial towers, public plaza and extended riverwalk and ferry terminal to also include riverfront dining. The planned north tower having 49 storey’s and the south tower with 43 storey’s in 60,000 sq/m of office space and 4 levels of underground car parking

The riverwalk will include 280m for cyclists and pedestrians from 6m – 18m in width, this new development is situated within the Golden Triangle of the CBD along the mighty Brisbane River

Dexus forsee improved employment opportunities with over 1,000 construction jobs then around 900 ongoing support roles

On being approved, Dexus plan construction to commence in 2022 with the first stage delivered by 2026

The Queensland Government expect the project to provide around $5.7bn boost over the next 40 years, including $230m to the construction sector adding to Dexu’s $11.2 bn development pipeline in both Sydney and Melbourne.

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