Eden Chase Lot 61

“We advocate 2 Estates in Gladstone : First is Eden Chase and the second is Brookview”

Brilliant Investment Opportunity

 Due to the fact that Lot 61 registers shortly and that the property has come back on the market due to the buyer not getting his finance approved, the developer has put this offer forward and is worth considering at an incredible $575k only

Meaning Built In $20k Capital Growth from day one !

If not for you, whom do you know that could be interested and as per our offer we will remunerate you $2,000 referral fee on success and for being a client! Forward to someone looking for built in Capital Growth, Future Capital Growth and Positive Gearing due to strong rental income

Lot 62 next door was purchased for $695,000 and has the same aspect as Lot 61 with ocean vistas

Offer :

  • Lot 61
  • Ocean Vistas
  • Set up on the back of Eden Chase along Millionaire Row where developers own and live on the blocks behind this one
  • Land Size 1144 sq/m
  • Double story home204.7 sq/m
    • Double story is rare in Gladstone and has strong rental potential
    • Double story is rare in Gladstone and has strong resale potential
    • Rental Estimate unfurnished 7 – 8%
    • Rental Estimate furnished 11 – 12%
    • Land $280k
    • Build $315k
      • Total asking $575k only

View recent Photos of Estate and Lot 61 here

Positively Geared plus built in and future Capital Growth available to you now

Let me know your thoughts on this or of you have anyone that could be interested, it should go quite quickly at this value


Eden Chase Estate GladstoneGladstone Eden ChaseGladstone House and LandEden Chase Estate in Gladstone


House and Land package Gladstone

Sea Vistas from Eden Chase Lot 61 in Gladstone

Gladstone Investment Property

Sea Vista’s from Lot 61 Eden Chase Estate


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