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Gladstone Investment Property

Gladstone my have bottomed out and demand for new housing in Gladstone appears to be on the rise again. A longer term view is now required for investors who are re-looking at Gladstone in 2017

Based on Prior Situation

Around 800 homes per year will now be required in Gladstone to meet renewed demand and population growth.

With only around 450 homes being built per year demand is once again placing pressure on supply and the demand for Rental Accommodation is once again on the rise.

Gladstone will more than double in population size and is a city of the future that today is underpinned by 10 major industries ensuring current and future economic success of the region. It does not classify as a mining town as mining only makes up for arund9% of the economy in Gladstone!

A further 10,000 homes are needed to meet current and future demand, and Gladstone due to geographic position is limited in where property could be developed. Comparing Gladstone to the parallels of Port Hedland and Karratha (in Western Australia) they too are limited by geographic borders ensuring that a One Bedroom apartment is now worth between $600,000 and $700,000 …. Gladstone you still have the opportunity of securing a 4 bed home on a block of land for under $600k today

Undertake your own due diligence and draw your own conclusions, most investment magazines and articles have stated that the number 1 property hot spot is Gladstone

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