Ipswich Why invest in Ipswich

Population projection :  8,000 new residents per year! Or 520,000 residents (176%) by 2041

Your Investment Opportunity : “A growth of 330,000 requiring around 143,000 new dwellings !”

Ipswich is Booming !!


Simply put “Ipswich is a great place to live and work, very central with modern infrastructure in a sub-tropical climate where affordability is easily attained in a positive economic environment undergoing exciting development”

The region has entered a sustained period of major change and growth in residential, industrial and commercial developments providing enormous opportunities for employment and business alike where the Ipswich City Council is committed to providing integrated and progressive development and growth management programmed.

$150m rejuvenation of Ipswich CBD breathing new life into the city centre read more here

 $1.5 billion dollar expansion to Amberley RAAF base

2000 new base staff and their families will soon call Ipswich home; current population of 190,000 projected to increase to 435,000 by 2031 that is a short 15 years time placing immense pressure on the supply of housing in Ipswich. Planned growth to 2041 = 520,000 residents!

Think of the big picture : A population growth over the next 24 years of 330,000 new residents in Ipswich @ 2.3 persons per household; will require

  • 143,000 new dwellings in the next 24 years
  • OR 5,978 dwellings per year

Do you also identify with the Investment Potential occurring in Ipswich right now and well into the future !

One of the fastest growing populations in Australia !

Queensland Population planned to grow by 85% to 8.9million residents … according to the ABS. This is a massive opportunity for you. Ipswich’s population is increasing at twice the rate of the rest of Queensland sitting at 180,000 residents and growing

Ipswich is a family friendly city, with affordable cost of living, in a sought after growth locale, located 35 minutes west of Brisbane which is experiencing a sustained population growth with a strengthening demand being placed on housing supply to own and rent

With more than 500 parks, high quality educational institutions the residents of Ipswich enjoy a cultural lifestyle and a vibrant social life with malls, restaurants, cafes, international hotels, cinemas, exhibitions, Art and a quality outdoor lifestyle with easy living in an affordable environment

Ipswich has a rich history of agriculture and heritage. The Heritage Trail offers locals and visitors beautiful parks and gardens, legendary pubs and grand heritage homes to visit. The Scenic Rim offers the chance to explore country towns, wineries, charming pubs and antique stores. There is a steam train, bush walking, cycling, canoeing or overnight stays in country retreats. For the adventurous there is hot air ballooning, skydiving, golf, motor sports, paintball and much more on offer

Residential Developments

The exciting world class Greater Springfield $85 billion development was awarded the World’s Best Master Planned Community 2010 and covers a total of 4,680 hectares. Master planned to be a model community for a projected population of 120,000 residents in functional neighbourhoods, community centres and villages. The aim of the developer is to have 1 in 3 residents working in the Estate planned to offer 55,000 jobs. Having 2 brand new rail way stations, many postal codes, private and public schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centres, golf course, restaurants, cafes, industry head offices plus much more … Greater Springfield is a highly successful residential estate residents are proud to call home

Newest Estate to be released is the new Oliver Hume development located close to Amberley RAAF Base called Waterlea will add to the immense growth underway in this south-west corridor. Waterlea Estate in Ipswich will house around 4,000 residents to cater for the tremendous demand on new housing in Ipswich due to massive population growth projections

Investment :

  • Community Services $8.8 Billion
  • Health $12.3 Billion
  • Education $11.4 Billion
  • Transport $5.5 Billion
  • Freeway widening to 6 lanes $200 million
  • CBD rejuvenation project $150m
  • Ipswich is the only city to be listed with the World Technopolis Association providing access to international trading networks
  • There is an honorary program which identifies overseas trading networks and export opportunities for local business
  • The City hosts numerous international business delegations facilitating export trading opportunities for local companies

Industry and Development in Ipswich

1,328 new residential buildings were approved in the 12 months ending 30 June 2015 in the region, with a total value of $284.1 million.

The total value of non-residential building approvals in Ipswich City LGA in the 12 months ending 30 June 2013 was $244.1 million.

As of end July 2015 the estimated resident population of Ipswich City LGA was 190,125 persons increasing by 12,802 during the previous 3 years with a population growth rate of 3% year on year (5,500 new residents pa at this rate)

By 2031 the population of Ipswich City LGA is projected to be 461,990 persons increasing by an average 5% over the next 20 years

In the Census 2011, 36.8% of properties in Ipswich were being rented, this demand is on the increase as Ipswich grows in resident numbers placing a high demand for rental property

Ipswich provides a broad spectrum of jobs / careers with the highest employment sector being Community & Personal Svcs, then Technicians and trade workers followed by Clerical & Admin and then by Professionals, sales, manufacturing, management, labour etc totaling 74,809 jobs at Census 2011

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Modern Roads and Rail provide fast and convenient access to and from Ipswich in and out of Ipswich
    • New Freeway linking Brisbane recently opened
    • New Rail Link to Brisbane already opened both new train stations in Springfield Lakes providing vital public transport links to the area
    • Water and waste strategies are well planned to ensure sufficient resources to cope with population and industry growth
    • Reliable source of power and fuel supplies

Population and Employment

  • Current population of 190,125 residents growing by 330,000 over the next 24 years
  • High skill base from which business can recruit employees
  • Cost effective labour force
  • Ipswich has TAFE colleges and universities to provide vocational and tertiary training
  • Manufacturing employing 18% of the regions work force
  • Healthcare employing 11% of the regions work force
  • Retail Trade employing 11% of the regions work force
  • Expansion to Amberley RAAF Base will employ 2000 new full time employees

South East Queensland’s population grew by 694,000 persons from 2001 to 2011 to reach 3.18 million :

  • Brisbane grew by 400k
  • Gold Coast grew by 164k
  • Sunshine Coast by 88kAnnual employment growth rates were 3.6% in South East QLD and 3.1% in Brisbane
    • The main growth locations were Ipswich East, Upper Coomera and Griffin – Mango Hill
  • The QLD government predict that the whole  SEQ population will grow by 1.8 million in the year 2031

Major Developments

  • $5bn light armoured vehicle project awarded to Ipswich
  • Redevelopment of the Ipswich CBD
  • Extension of the rail line from Richlands to Springfield with 2 new stations along route
  • Extension of the rail line from Springfield Central to Redbank Plains
  • Ipswich Medical Precinct
  • Expansion program at the Amberley RAAF Base bringing foreign investment and world class technology development valued $1.5 billion dollars
  • Swanbank gas-fired power station
  • Largest Coles Supermarket redevelopment in QLD
  • Springfield Lakes and Springfield Town Centre development
  • Orion Shopping Centre Stage 2 project $600 million becoming one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Swanbank Enterprise Park
  • New industrial area at Ebenezer
  • Synergy Park
  • Technology City of Springfield
  • Citiswich project is a mix of commercial, residential, industrial and open space project valued $1 Billion
  • Ipswich River Link project is a $200 million retail development
  • Ripley Valley residential development plans for 120,000 new residents by 2030
  • Technology centre of Springfield
  • Springfield Campus of the University of Southern Queensland
  • Western Corridor Recycled Water project with a $1.7 Billion budget
  • Centenary Highway extension $345 Million
  • Ipswich Logan Motorway Interchange upgrade at $255 Million
  • Warrego Midway to Cunningham Highway $86 Million
  • $320 Million Springfield Rail Extension

Key Industries in Ipswich

  • Education
    • 2 Universities
    • TAFE
    • Public and Private Schools Education City at Springfield Lakes
      • 10 areas in SEQ received new schools
  • Aerospace
    • Amberley is a ground breaking initiative of the QLD government and is a commercially orientated high tech hub for high value add & knowledge based aerospace and defense support enterprises. An important initiative both in Australia and worldwide
    • Australia’s only RAAF Super Base and the Department of Defense has committed $1.5 Billion dollars to Amberley for development of the base
    • The base is home to 24 FA 18 Super Hornets requiring $117.1 million for upgrading supporting facilities; 4 x C17 Globemasters, 10 C-27J airlifters and 12 EA-19G Growlers
    • With 3,500 personal on base projected to reach 5,250 by 2019
  • Manufacturing of Light Armoured Vehicles creating 300 new jobs
  • Food Processing
    • Ipswich has its own purpose built industrial development offering cost effective solutions to cold storage, thermal energy, warehousing, transport and other energy supply at Synergy Technology Park
  • Manufacturing
    • The manufacturing industry in Ipswich provides their economy in excess of $2.5 Billion dollars annually
  • Tourism
    • Tourism is a growth industry in Ipswich providing
      • Heritage tours, helicopter tours of local wineries, driving around the race track, hot air ballooning, the Scenic Rim, native animals, Steam Trains, Cultural Festivals, museums
  • Transport
    • Ipswich is well supported by transport infrastructure with major highway access covering most directions
    • The Transport and Storage industry is a significant contributor to the Ipswich Economy

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Demand for Property in Regional Centres Increases

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