Ipswich & Population Growth


Ipswich estimates a population growth of 520,000 residents by 2041

A Growth of 330,000 residents

Requiring 143,000 new dwellings


Ipswich is well connected by two rail services and seven highways and is only 35 minutes from Brisbane. Often referred to as the Parramatta of Sydney as Ipswich evolves into a city in its own right

Ipswich amongst other infrastructure development recently in place or under construction includes the $150m rejuvenation of Ipswich Central which will further enhance Ipswich’s title of being named one of the world’s most livable mid-sized cities

The recent announcement of the $5bn Defence contract awarded to Ipswich will create 330 permanent jobs for the next 30 to 40 years injecting a lot of value into the Ipswich economy

Ipswich has a higher median family income over Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast being $72k pa and remains as one of Australia’s fastest growing inland cities with a sustained period of major change and growth in industrial, commercial and residential development creating enormous opportunity for business and employment alike

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