Why Ipswich

Billions of Dollars being Invested into Ipswich

…. the next Parramatta !

Your opportunity to ensure your financial future on the back of planned growth in Ipswich

Ipswich is one of the fastest growth cities in Queensland with an annual growth rate of approx. 4.6% pa compared to Queensland’s state average of approx. 1.7% (confirmed by OESR) By 2026 the economy is projected to be $12.7billion with a population of approx. 354,946.

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The City poised to be the new Parramatta

Ipswich will become the focus of population and jobs growth in South East Queensland over the next few decades with demographer Bernard Salt likening it to Sydney’s Parramatta deliberately positioning itself to become a strong regional centre today and over the next 30 years. Jobs will decentralise out of Brisbane and into Ipswich during this decade with Brisbane’s growth spreading West towards Ipswich taking a city of 2m people upward to 3 or 4 million he said.

This region has entered a sustained period of major change and growth in industrial and commercial developments providing enormous opportunities for employment and business alike with City Council committed to provide development and growth in both jobs and population

Ipswich is very family friendly and offers an affordable and vibrant social lifestyle and outdoor environment to it’s residents and is also a great place to work being very central with modern infrastructure in a positive economic environment which is experiencing an exciting and positive economic development process … growing by 4.6% pa placing immense pressure on the supply of homes

Upward pressure on the supply of dwellings to own or rent has ensured that Ipswich home values are on the rise, rental vacancies remain at 2.2% (below Australian average) and rental yields at 5.3% (above Australian average)

As the fastest growing LGA, Ipswich is becoming chronically undersupplied, recording a housing shortfall of approximately 3,500 dwellings in 2015 according to the 2016 Urbis Report. This is your opportunity to secure a cash flow positive investment in a growth area with a high demand!

Can you see your investment potential on the back of what is occurring right now and planned to happen on the ground in Ipswich, it is potentially massive!


Ipswich is one of Australia’s fastest growing inland city

Ipswich is growing by 8,000 new residents per year with a population of 208,490 as of 31 Dec 2017

Strongest growth locations include : Springfield Lakes, Redbank Plains, South Ripley, Ripley and Collingwood Park where demand for new dwellings remains highest. Council has delivered 38.2km of new roads, 52.7km of footpaths and bikeways, 42.9ha of new parklands and parks and 11.6ha of community land. New infrastructure development is creating new jobs which in turn is attracting a strong population growth for lifestyle and employment … hence the need for 143,000 new dwellings in the LGA.


 $1.5 billion dollar expansion to Amberley RAAF base

2000 new base staff and their families will soon call Ipswich home; current population of 190,000 projected to increase to 435,000 by 2031 that is a short 15 years time placing immense pressure on the supply of housing in Ipswich. Planned growth to 2041 = 520,000 residents!

Think of the big picture : A population growth over the next 24 years of 330,000 new residents in Ipswich @ 2.3 persons per household; will require

  • 143,000 new dwellings in the next 24 years
  • OR 5,978 dwellings per year

Transport : $1.5bn Legacy Way Tunnel and proposed $1.45bn Ipswich to Springfield transport corridor

Health : $128m Ipswich Hospital expansion and $85m Mater Private Hospital

Jobs : $570m Swanbank Enterprise Park creating 15,000 jobs and $1bn Citiswich Industrial Estate creating 5,000 jobs and $1.1bn Amberley Airforce Base upgrade with 5,000 jobs

Retail : $154m Orion Springfield Central generating 1,140 jobs and $1bn commercial, residential and retail development of 170,000 sq/m

Population :  Ipswich is planned to grow by 43.2% between 2011 and 2036

“Do you also identify with the Investment Potential occurring in Ipswich right now and well into the future!”


Ipswich is strategically positioned

  • Centrally located on national road networks
  • 35 minute drive to downtown Brisbane
  • 60 minute drive to both domestic and international air and sea ports
  • Convenient access to both the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast
  • Electric rail to Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • Easy access to capital city facilities

Industry Opportunity

Diverse extensive opportunities for growth and prosperity – professional services, finance, business, education, health and community – plus aerospace, manufacturing, food processing, wine, transport, tourism, motorsport.

Employment Opportunity:

Currently 15 Industrial/Commercial Parks plus 11 more in the early stages of development

Why invest in Ipswich?

  • Existing comprehensive skill base and employment opportunity
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Attractive lifestyle
  • Eventful Ipswich
  • Residential Development eg $85 billion greater Springfield Development and Ripley Valley development
  • Ipswich is undergoing unprecedented growth in both jobs and residential development – the Ipswich City Council have invested heavily in the redevelopment of the Ipswich CBD to create high quality living and working conditions (refer: Leighton’s ICON Ipswich CBD redevelopment Project (www.propertyoz.com.au – Leighton’s latest development is iconic of Ipswich growth)



Why do business in Ipswich? Why invest in Ipswich?

Ipswich City Council have recently undertaken comprehensive studies to cater and plan for, rather than react to this enormous challenge.

  • Economic profile: this summarises Ipswich’s current economic and demographic standing
  • Economic and Development Plan: 2009 – 2011: this plan provides direction to key stakeholders and partners to support and build Ipswich’s economic development over the next 20 years.
  • Skilling Ipswich program: one of the 15 lead projects covering community skilling, industry sector skills strategies, Indigenous employment, expansion of education and training
  • Info City Plan: Ipswich will be a leading digital community in Australia
  • Rural Industries Plan: this supports the development of a vibrant high value rural industries sector to add diversity to the economy, generate tourism and lifestyle and protects and retains good quality agricultural land

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