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Why Invest in the City of Logan

Logan is situated in the heart of fast growing South East Queensland, well positioned between the Capital City of Brisbane and the lifestyle city of Gold Coast. Logan is ideally placed to bridge the gap between these two important, vibrant economic hubs and also ideally positioned at the centre of the main transport corridor of SEQ which happens to be one of the most important economic corridors in Australia

Why Logan

The City of Logan in Queensland has the focus and attention of State Government who have allocated $1.4 Billion Dollars in infrastructure spending in the current financial year. Whilst Logan City Council have and continue to work hard to attract new business into the area through it’s Investment Attraction Incentive programme – this fund was set up in 2018 and to date has attracted 4 new businesses into the area estimated to inject a further $34m dollars into the local economy whilst creating a further 236 jobs in the coming months.

Logan offers great road and rail links, a solid young workforce, new and planned infrastructure, is centrally located with thriving commercial, manufacturing and retail precincts and also education and health industries backed up by new jobs now and into the future all on the back of affordability to own or rent. The Fundamentals underpinning your investment in Logan are sound, these same fundamentals offer the potential for investors to achieve capital growth backed with healthy rental yields.

Logan has easy access to 3 main arterial networks, two international airports, ports, freight and rail networks, meaning an important internodal link between main centres in SEQ and also NSW

City of Logan investment

The city of Logan includes significant infrastructure investment, creation of new jobs, attracting population growth to fill employment roles and also for a cheaper lifestyle as land in Logan is cheaper than all the capital cities and on a par or cheaper than most emerging Regional Centres.

The City of Logan is investing in improving roads and other transport infrastructure projects, a $460m hospital upgrade and plans to develop a health and knowledge precinct which will stimulate interaction between Logan Hospital, Logan University and Logan Tafe. New schools are under construction, some existing schools are being upgraded and shopping centres are expanding to cope with the rising demand.

The Logan Enhancement Project includes a $512m road upgrade which was completed in 2019 improving key congestion hot spots and also shortening travel time for commuters. The main purpose of the project is to unlock the economic potential of the Logan Region which includes the likes of freight hubs, business will benefit in reduced freight times and through improved connectivity, estimated to generate $1.2 billion dollars for the QLD economy over the next 30 years

Local Council are also providing incentives to attract new businesses into the area which in turn are creating new jobs providing the growing population with income earning opportunities through employment.

Commercial and Economic Growth

The City of Logan is attracting several multinational corporations, fast growing startups and other industry moving into the City of Logan and creating new jobs and attracting population growth. After nearby Ipswich, Logan is predicted to grow more by percentage than any other council in the region over the next 20 years

Did you know that the City of Logan is one of QLd’s fastest growing communities which includes to of Qld’s Priority Development Areas being Yarabilba and Greater Flagstone.

The Logan Hospital expansion programme is one of Queensland’s largest hospital expansion programmes at around $460m investment providing improved medical services, more beds, lower waiting times and state of the art medical practices benefiting patients and employment opportunities in the area.

The town centre of Logan is also undergoing upgrades with the Logan Central Implementation project receiving $5m dollars to strengthen the retail precinct around the Logan Central Plaza hub as an economic and cultural precinct.  This major retail centre holds the Logan Council offices and entertainment centre and major retail centres are located there. The works will improve the streetscape and also the look and feel of this major retail precinct.

Meadowbrook is a designated as a specialist centre for Health, Education and Research in the SEQ Regional Plan 2009-2031 features a Health and Knowledge Precinct which includes the abovementioned Logan Hospital, Logan Tafe and the Griffith University Campus. This implementation project also received millions of dollars in funding to improve and strengthen this region as the Health and Wellbeing Precinct, to champion Meadowbrook as Queensland and Logans premier destination for healthcare and education  

The Beenleigh Implementation Project will undergo upgrades to the town square that will also improve outdoor entertainment facilities the local population love to attend. Better outdoor space, shade, pedestrian access, parking, street scaping etc.


Logan City industries primarily focuses on :

  • Logistics and Transport
  • Health Care
  • Aged Care
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Tourism
  • Food and Beverage

 This is an $11bn economy which includes a rising Gross Regional Product figure, whilst job figures continue to improve on the back of infrastructure completing and new business coming into the area.

The current population is 334,000 with a planned population growth through to 2036 of around 500,000 locals. Logan also includes a lower than average median age, sitting around 34 years old and a positive sign for future stability as young families are the ones employed and spending in the economy more than an aged population. Another positive sign for Logan in the medium and long term. Young families tend to also be first home buyers and less transient.

Housing Affordability

Logan’s affordability is a key factor driving the local property market attracting first home buyers as other nearby locations such as Gold Coast prices are too high for most families, thus they revert to cities such as Logan for affordability, lifestyle and jobs. There continues to be a migration from larger cities due to affordability and Covid-19 lifestyle changes and thus places like Logan continue to attract increased demand from migrating Australians. The ongoing affect of an increase in demand for property to own or rent is an increase in land prices, home values and rental yields.

Compared to neighbouring areas, house prices in Logan are more affordable still yet vacancy rates trend a bit higher than other areas trending around the 3% mark due to high volume of investors seeking out lower entry prices for their investment property.

Investment Grade Property Logan

Investors need to seek out property which is investment grade to attract lower vacancy rates, an improved demographic as your tenant who can afford higher rents and who are less transient in nature and who will look after your investment. Remember only a small percentage of all property is investment grade. It is vital to match the investment vehicle (the right property) to your goals and outcomes you are wanting. Best property to suit the better tenant, low vacancy rate, ability to implement rental increases, strong cash flow with capital growth potential.

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