Moreton Bay Investment Property

Moreton Bay, the key northern growth corridor to Brisbane, attracting Property Investors

There’s never been a more exciting time to invest in the Moreton Bay Region

strong population growth + strong economy

Why invest in Moreton Bay?


The Moreton Bay region, Australia’s 3rd largest local council by population, continues to grow in popularity from Brisbane’s urban sprawl. Due to the location in the northern growth corridor heading towards the Sunshine Coast, the region offers affordable housing with a family orientated environment, good rail and road links to both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and good job opportunities.

The area is conveniently situated just 40 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD and only 20 minutes’ drive from the Brisbane International Airport and a planned growth region where business meets lifestyle.

The Moreton Bay region is the key growth corridor north of Brisbane, with an economy as diverse as the region and a hive of opportunity on offer. Moreton Bay is the third largest local government area in Australia by population, and has been recognised as a region with one of the fastest-growing populations, and the strongest-growing economies in the country. The local business areas are hubs of innovation and industry, with major regional infrastructure projects such as The Mill at Moreton Bay underpin new, exciting opportunities for continued economic development, employment growth and business confidence into the future.


Moreton bay has been primed as a Priority Development Area by the State Government, which has resulted in a lot of infrastructure and development going in, which includes a new University at Petrie. This major knowledge and innovation hub is expected to generate 6,000 jobs.

Moreton Bay is receiving the housing demand and will continue to see this as University students start moving in.

With Moreton bay’s proximity to the Sunshine Coast, it is easily accessible with big projects in Sunshine Coast including the $2 billion University Hospital project.

One key infrastructure project is the Moreton Bay Rail Link, which was recently completed in late 2016. This was a $1.2 billion project that has improved the accessibility of the region, enabling residents to easily connect to key retail, commercial, and employment nodes like Northlakes and Brisbane.

The community of North Lakes boasts various shopping and employment precincts including a Westfield Shopping Centre, Ikea, Costco and Bunnings. North Lakes is also home to various schools including North Lakes State College, The Lakes College and Bounty Boulevard State School. Additionally, the North Lakes Golf Club is a renowned championship golf course and function centre, a great facility for the community as well as attracting visitors from the surrounding suburbs.

The region’s ideal location, coupled with competitively priced residential and commercial premises and land underpins a strong economic performance that continues to attract residents, a highly-skilled workforce and new businesses.

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