NRAS Explained

What is NRAS and how does it Benefit you the Investor


What would $110, 000 in Tax Free benefits mean to you?


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Examples below compare 2 different value properties and are based on 2 different levels of taxable income. Each property compares having NRAS on the property vs no NRAS

Investing in NRAS property




















Notes : Gearing figures in Red are negative geared, and in black are Positive Geared (ie. on the NRAS properties). All figures presented are for demonstration purposes only

$110,000 NRAS Tax Credits





This table demonstrates that if you invested in a NRAS property over a 10 year period and compared this investment against investing in the same property but without NRAS

The result is that NRAS offers a combined difference of over $87,000 on a $300k property with a taxable income of $65k



Knowing that you will be better off financially investing in a NRAS investment property, why would you chose to invest in a non NRAS?


Do you know that NRAS Investment Property is highly suited to Self Managed Super Funds!  Ask us why …


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