Queensland Population Growth continues unabated

Central Queensland and the Sunshine Coast


Population Growth in Queensland

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics April 2013

CENTRAL Queensland and the Sunshine Coast are among the fastest growing regions in Queensland to June last year, figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics have revealed.

The figures show Mackay, Fitzroy, Rockhampton and Gladstone, the Sunshine and Gold Coasts and Townsville have the biggest population growth outside of Brisbane in the previous 12 months.

Queensland’s population reached 4.56 million in June last year, with an extra 86,000 people moving to the sunshine state since June 2011.

It was the second-fastest population growth rate of any state or territory, at 1.9%, surpassed only by booming Western Australia at 3.3%.

Of those who moved to the sunshine state during the 2011-12 year, 43,300 people moved to greater Brisbane and 42,700 moved to regional areas.

Most of those who moved to regional areas went to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, with 16,500 new residents, while a further 14,700 moved to Mackay, Fitzroy and Townsville during the year.

The Central Queensland region of Fitzroy, including Rockhampton and Gladstone, had the fastest growth of all regional areas, up 2.7% of 5,900; followed by Mackay, up 2.6% or 4400 and Gold Coast and Townsville, both up 2%.

New residents also flocked to the Sunshine Coast, with a population growth of 5800 people, included as part of the Gold Coast’s statistical growth of 2% in the year to June 2012.

The ABS data release came just a week after the nation’s population passed 23 million, primarily on the back of new migrants, temporary visa holders, and international students.

Data did not reveal whether the growth was due to natural attrition (new births), or people moving from interstate or other regions within Queensland.


Our view is that Queensland is the number one Investment Hot Spot as thefundamentals required to underpin your investment decision and ensure your invesment is secure are present :

  • Continued high population growth
  • over 22,000 new jobs created last year
  • High demand for residential dwellings
  • Under Supply cannot keep up with demand
  • Rental yields reaching 6% in most sought after locations, peaking to over 10% in places like Gladstone
  • QLD economy grew by 4% in 2012, with resources making up only 9% of this growth
  • Resources such as new coal mines, new steel plants and the massive CSG industry is yet to produce as they are under construction
  • High Government Investment into Infrastructure
  • Massive Industry Investment
  • Brisbane predicted to grow to the size Melbourne is at today
  • Usually Capital Growth follows Rental Yield increases
  • Queensland has yet to experience capital growth …. based on the above all indicators are present to now provide this growth


We welcome your debate and input


Further Statistics for year end April 2013 :

  • Brisbane has less dwellings for sale now than this time last year, meaning less choice for buyers and possibly higher prices achieved by sellers
  • RP Data figures released show Brisbane rental yield is showing higher returns at 4.7% for houses & 5.5% for apartments/townhouses
  • Median values across Australia are $510,000 for houses and $435,000 for apartments or townhouses. In Brisbane a median house value is $445,000 and $375,000 for an apartment
  • Looking at capital growth, houses across Australia averaged 2.7% & attached stock 2.5% – yet in Brisbane the results were 1.9% for houses & 3.6% for apartments


If you also see the future potential and like us identify why Queensland (no not all of QLD, certain pockets) makes strong Investment sense contact us to discuss where and what


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