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You Should Be Jumping with Excitement about the Maroochydore CBD Development … here is why


There are strong linkages between events in the local economy and outcomes in real estate markets. If a city’s economy is growing and creating jobs, real estate markets will be busy.

Proximity to employment nodes is an important marker to look for, remembering that most of the jobs are in the suburbs, not in the CBD’s.

At properT network, we’re scouring information sources every day looking for events that indicate buoyancy (or otherwise) in local economies.

If a major new infrastructure project is planned, we want to know about it. If a business is expanding, creating hundreds of extra jobs, that’s worth adding to our database of knowledge. If a company or a government is relocating its business because of a particular dynamic in the new location, that creates a blip on our radar screen.



SunCentral is a prime example with their $430 million dollar new Maroochydore CBD development is beginning to take shape, the first streets in the area will soon be open to the public and the first buildings under construction are beginning to rise out of the ground. From planning, it is now a reality and also your investment opportunity. Maroochydore and the Sunshine Coast will never be the same and capital growth will come as a direct result, this is your opportunity!

With its world-class design and carefully selected building mix, this master-planned CBD is set to look absolutely fantastic. And if you’re considering investing in property on the Sunshine Coast, the good news doesn’t stop there.


“Once completed SunCentral (the CBD) will create more than 15,000 permanent jobs and inject an estimated $4.4 billion into the local economy. How good is that!”



An enhanced city centre tends to mean an enhanced city lifestyle, and Maroochydore’s new CBD will be no exception.

Gorgeous waterways, new dining and entertainment venues, public plazas, beautiful parks, and exclusive retail precincts represent just a handful of the lifestyle features local residents and workers will enjoy in Maroochydore. And as these features attract more and more people to the CBD, it can only be good news for investors, with the lifestyle draw card helping to ensure healthy rental returns and rental demand for your Maroochydore property.



Explicitly planned as a commercial hub, the Maroochydore CBD is set to welcome a number of businesses and employers to the region.

Many employers, including the Sunshine Coast City Council, are already planning to operate from the revitalised city centre. Add in new employers (such as the Sunshine Coast Entertainment, Convention and Exhibition Centre), and it’s clear employment opportunities won’t be scarce. It’s well known that burgeoning employment is great news for investors. After all, employment means population growth, and population growth means better rental yields and occupancy for you.


Growth, growth, growth

Population growth like the kind of growth Maroochydore is set to experience is always great news for investors because it means all kinds of other growth, too.

As people flock to the city and demand for housing increases, property values are set to rise. This means the potential of strong capital growth for anyone who chooses to get in early. In other words, if you choose to invest now and buy into a Maroochydore property at today’s market prices, you’ll have an even higher-valued asset in a couple of years’ time – all while enjoying great rental returns and the security of high occupancy rates.


“As you can see from the snapshots we’ve shared here, if you’re thinking about investing in property on the Sunshine Coast, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about the Maroochydore CBD development!”


Maroochydore offers a plethora of quality choice and unique positioning of real estate once snapped up by an astute investor or owner will not be available to you.

Get in early, no one can stop the demand and supply is limited – capital growth potential is available

Whether it is an apartment, townhouse or nearby house and land you are after the time is now. Locals are already onto it knowing just how good an opportunity Sun Central and the new Maroochydore city is going to be


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