Real Estate opportunity in South East Queensland

The time to secure your astute investment in SEQ remains now


REIQ Market Monitor report show a total of 68 suburbs in QLD have delivered double-digit growth over 12 months

SEQ is a truly unique part of the country and never before has there been a better time to live and invest in this region with droves of people moving from the southern States as what researchers are now terming the great northern migration.

South East Queensland is currently experiencing high levels of interstate migration for the affordability and lifestyle, but more than that this their chosen move is soundly underpinned and supported by massive infrastructure investment and spending which is resulting in employment opportunities being created now and well into the future.

Planned and budgeted infrastructure investment will continue to drive the jobs incentivising the ongoing migration into SEQ and of course their need to purchase or rent real estate will continue to grow.

If we take the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast which are two highly aspirational lifestyle locations we note that they continue to outperform every other region in the country  and right in the middle of these growth cities is burgeoning Brisbane, the economic powerhouse and job engine of SEQ.

Brisbane continues to shine as a new World City with billions of dollars of major infrastructure projects, a city where housing affordability is far cheaper than NSW and Vic.

Cameron Kusher of Core Logic recently stated, “The Queensland housing market could experience an acceleration in home value growth related to increased migration, an improving local economy and relative affordability compared to southern states.”  

On a macro perspective the demand drivers for real estate are exceptionally strong and growing and identifying those particular areas within SEQ which may outperform other SEQ locations can be verified with research and due diligence. Not all SEQ areas are worthy of Investment and it is worth your while to track the large scale infrastructure investments which continue to drive jobs growth and also the areas where other required infrastructure and amenities to support a lifestyle and local economy are in place or under construction.

From an investors perspective the opportunity of capital growth is sound, vacancy rates at historical lows and rental yields are strong and strengthening on the back of a continued rise on demand to own or rent real estate in SEQ. Once again, word of caution : not all locations and property in SEQ are worthy of investment whilst others are. Do your homework or talk with a property professional who has a broader focus than the location you are considering.

“In which other growth State can you acquire a 4 bedroom house for less than a One Bed Apartment in Sydney or a Two Bed Apartment in Melbourne plus with a far higher rental yield?”

Now remains a great time to invest in SEQ “you don’t want to wake up in the next 5 years and not have a piece or real estate in South East Queensland.


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