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Using your SMSF to acquire an Investment Property

Avoid the Pitfalls

NB : We are not providing Financial Advice and we are not Financial Planners;  we do however work with Licensed Financial Planners who when required to provide Financial Advice under their license.

What we are able to do is demonstrate to you cash flow and the projected return on your investment property in the SMSF based on the numbers you provide to us. You are then advised to take these numbers to a licensed Financial Planner to have them verified; as our calculator only provides estimates based on the Financial Numbers you share with us.

This calculator is designed to enable you to compare the financial outcomes of different properties against each other and finalise your decision based on how you interpret these numbers and which property you thus perceive will provide you with a better return on your investment based on : fundamentals underpinning the property, the location, rental yield, purchase price, management fees, insurance, rates, depreciation etc.

In no way is this financial planning advice – it is a strategy of understanding which property could give you a better return on your investment compared to the financials of another property you are also considering


General SMSF information

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Take Control of your own Super Destiny – why invest in property

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Tax efficiency of Property in a SMSF

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Investment Property in a SMSF

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Speaking to your financial planner / accountant about setting up a SMSF

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*All examples and information for demonstration purposes only (this is not advice) :

Why would you borrow to invest in property with super?

Investors realise that if they put down a 30% deposit and borrow the 70% from the bank (or themselves) they will achieve any capital growth on the full value of the property. See example below :

  • Property Value at time of Purchase = $500,000
  • 30% deposit the SMSF contributes = $150,000
    • or a 20% deposit the SMSF contributes = $100k only
  • Value of asset in the SMSF = $500,000
  • If this asset doubles in value in 10 years time (as per current statistics), the asset is now worth $1 million in the SMSF even though you initially only invested $150,000
    • Simplistic example, provided to merely outline the financial advantage of Leveraging – your financial planner should explain this in more detail if you wish to proceed


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    Investment Property in a SMSf

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