Sunshine Coast remains the standout property market it is planned to be

Sunshine Coast Investment Opportunity

Forget the Media

Australian Property Market offers Investors many growth markets contrary to what your favourite journalist continues to tell you. Hey, anecdotal evidence provides proof of this! Just look at the market statistics on Sunshine Coast and many other regional Australian cities.

Investing in Property on the Sunshine Coast

Evidence is demonstrating that Regional Queensland continues to achieve what other jurisdictions across Australia are not in maintaining its continued strong performance despite Covid19

Terry Ryder just last week wrote that “The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s strongest economic and Real Estate stories nationwide and that it continues to produce solid results in its property market.”

Ask any real estate agent on the Sunshine Coast and they will tell you sales keep happening and vacancy rates remain very low with no sign of property values decreasing nor rental vacancy increasing.

There is just too much Infrastructure recently completed and under construction or planned for that continues to attract population growth for lifestyle and new jobs. Demand remains strong with no sign of abatement they will confirm for you.

Anecdotal Evidence is proof of your media’s bullsh1T#

Notable Growth Pockets

Latest anecdotal evidence reported within the industry support an increase in sales volumes, and varying increases in property values which are location dependent on the Sunshine Coast with most of the postal codes in this region attracting positive gains.

Naturally some areas performed stronger than others notably those closest into employment hubs or CBD.

Sunshine Coast economy is insulated from Covid19 tourism due to the massive $32bn infrastructure investment including the $2bn hospital precinct (largest university hospital in southern hemisphere), building of SunCentral which is Maroochydore’s new CBD, submarine cable encouraging tech and tech reliant industry into the area to take advantage of lightening speed internet connectivity, billion-dollar highway improvements, upgrade to the Sunshine Coast airport with a new runway and recent status increase to international airport classification, amongst other major projects.

The Sunshine Coast economy is planned to grow, contributing significantly in being a large slice of the Queensland Economy; as it continues to evolve into a modern, ‘smart’ economy based on sound growth across numerous high valued and knowledge based sectors including numerous high-tech start ups, innovative manufacturing, professional business services, education, medical advancement and training etc.

Property Capital Growth

Worldwide it is evident that capital growth and strong rental yields are bolstered by infrastructure investment. Sunshine Coast is no different and will continue to grow on the back of Australia’s largest ever investment of $32bn dollars into infrastructure in one region … altering the nature of Sunshine Coast forever, which is your investment opportunity.

The Sunshine Coast remains as a standout example among many thriving regional markets and the next time you hear negative chatter about falling property prices ask “exactly where are you referring to?” because anecdotal evidence in many locations is proving otherwise.

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