SURAT BASIN major projects

with over $180 Billion Dollars of current and planned major infrastructure projects …


Surat Basin

Surat Basin Major Projects List



Chinchilla Queensland Curtis LNG Pipeline QGC / BG Group $15B
Chinchilla – Arrow Surat Pipeline $550M
Chinchilla Ironbark Project Origin $1.5B
Wandoan – Dalby Surat Basin Gas Project Arrow Energy $1.5B +


CSG Pipeline

Chinchilla Kenya – Goodiwindi Pipeline Project ERM Power
Chinchilla Queensland Curtis LNG Pipeline QGC / BG Group $15B
Kogan / Chinchilla Surat Pipeline Project Arrow Energy $550M
Wallumbilla – Chinchilla Australia Pacific LNG Origin $500M


Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Chinchilla Chinchilla LNG Plant QGC / BOC



Wandoan Southern Missing Link Surat Basin Rail Pty Ltd $1B



Wandoan Juandah Metrocoal $10M
Chinchilla Glen Wilga Coal Mine Tarong Energy $500M
Kogan Kogan Creek Mine CS Energy $1.2B
Wandoan Norwood Creek Project Metrocoal
Wandoan Wandoan Coal Project Xstrata Coal $6.8B
Macalister Wilkie Creek Expansion Project Peabody Energy $162M
Wandoan Woori Creek Project Surat Coal Pty Ltd / Cockatoo Coal
Miles Columboola Joint Venture Project Metrocoal / Sinocoal Resources $4M
Wandoan Bundi Coal Mine Metrocoal
Cameby Cameby Downs Mine Yancoal $190M
Cameby Cameby Downs Expansion Project Yancoal
Wandoan Elimatta Project Taroom Coal Pty Ltd / North Energy Corporation (NEC) $600M
Wandoan The Range Stanmore Coal $500m



Wandoan Wandoan Power Project GE Energy / Xstrata
Kogan Western Downs to Halys Transmission Project Powerlink
Kogan Braemar 1 ERM Power $545M
Kogan Braemar 2 ERM Power / Arrow Energy $546M
Kogan Braemar 3 ERM Power $550M
Cameby Columboola – Westerns Downs Powerlink
Condamine Condamine Power Station QGC $200M
Dalby Darling Downs Power Station Origin $1.3B
Dalby Daandine Power Station Arrow Energy



Dalby Braemar to Kumbrailla Powerlink / QGC
Cameby Columboola – Wandoan Transmission / Wandoan South Substation Project Powerlink



Wandoan Methane Joint Venture Project Cougar Energy $110M
Kogan Bloodwood Creek Carbon Energy $36M
Condamine Andrew Project and Lauren Project Liberty Resources
Chinchilla UCG – GTL Project Linc Energy $1.2B

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