The ‘perfect storm’

How to choose an Investment Location

Investment and industry expertise will tell you to …

  • Invest where the Government are investing, they want a return on investment
  • Invest where Industry invest, they are encouraged by government to the location and also want a return on investment
  • Both Government and Industry Create thousands of new Jobs
  • New Jobs attract a strong Population Growth
  • Population Growth puts upward pressure on Property Supply
  • This increased demand increases the capital value of property
  • This increased demand places further pressure on supply of Rental Dwellings
  • Rental Yields increase under the pressure of demand
  • Capital Growth plus very low vacancy rates and strong rental yields equates to a sound investment

… your recipe to securing an astute investment

This is occurring in South East Queensland now and well into the future

The “Golden Triangle” from Sunshine Coast in the North, through to Brisbane and onto Gold Coast in the South, then across to Ipswich and back up to Sunshine Coast (including Toowoomba) has the highest investment into infrastructure in the history of Australia. Can you now identify with the investment opportunity here?


Investment Property Sunshine Coast


Both the Sunshine Coast and Springfield Lakes (Ipswich) are now these locations,  based on massive government and industry spend, creating tens of thousands of new jobs, attracting high population growth placing incredible pressure on the supply of dwellings to own or rent.

The Sunshine Coast and Ipswich are going through a stage of unprecedented infrastructure spending on a massive game-changing projects creating tens of thousands of well-paid new jobs today and planned for well into the future.


Some infrastructure spend in Sunshine Coast :

  • Largest hospital in the Southern Hemisphere under construction at the Kawana Health Hub creating 3,700 new jobs
  • Completion of private hospital and medical precinct in this location
  • New Queensland University attracting employees and students
  • New Kawana town centre has already provided new employment opportunities video overview here
  • Maroochydore is a brand new city and Principal Activity Centre under construction creating 30 000 new jobs impressive video here a 20 year project
  • Sunshine Coast Airport is Australia’s fastest growing airport, growing by 20% last year and approval for the new runway has been granted generating around 10,000 new jobs whilst becoming an International Airport
  • Two new towns (cities of the future) being built : Kawana and Maroochydore

Read more on Sunshine Coast here


Some infrastructure spend in Ipswich and Springfield Lakes :

  • Community Services $8.8bn
  • Health $12.3bn
  • Education $11.4bn
  • Transport $5.5bn
  • $200m to widen the Ipswich Motorway from 4 lanes to 6
  • Springfield Lakes (Greater Springfield) is an $85bn development
  • Springfield Lakes will be a City and as large as the Brisbane CBD of today
  • Expected population to grow by 180,000

Read more on Springfield Lakes here     and    Ipswich here


The above and other game changing projects currently on the ground, approved, budgeted for and planned for can be viewed here

Can you also identify the investment potential available to you at Sunshine Coast or Ipswich?

If not, remove the emotion whether you live there or not, whether you visit there or not the above projects are well on the way creating thousands of new jobs well into the future and attracting a strong population growth placing immense pressure on the supply of dwellings along the Sunshine Coast … and no one can stop this !

Sunshine Coast is not the sleepy holiday resort of yesteryear and neither is Ipswich the Ipswich of yesteryear those places have gone forever. At this time they present favorably as your opportunity to ride on the back of both Government + Industry investment and take advantage of :

  • Lower entry values into the market
  • Vacancy rates below capital cities and only 1% in Sunshine Coast
  • Very high demand for rental property and growing
  • Rental yields of 5% and more, resulting in your owning a Cash Flow Positive Investment
  • Capital Growth opportunity is real on the back of the Billions being invested into Infrastructure


Where else can you invest only 10% and achieve a return on investment in excess of *35% on your monies invested whilst your tenant and the tax man help grow your retirement plan?


…. “what is stopping you?”



Australia’s new world City

For those investors who prefer Capital Cities you cannot go past fast growing Brisbane with millions of dollars worth of major infrastructure projects either under construction or in planning stage – rapidly changing the face of Brisbane

Bringing together public and private sector expertise in successful partnerships, the city and the state’s myriad transport, energy, health and education infrastructure projects present a wealth of opportunity for investors to tap into this critical sector of Brisbane’s growing economy.

Aside from the CBD, the middle and outer ring suburbs are projected to increase by around 17% over the coming 3 years

Brisbane is thus the city with best prospects for growth for 2016 offering you the investor a tantalising mix of high rental yields and rising values

With Brisbane planned to grow to the same size that Melbourne is today the opportunities are abound with an expected population of 3.6 million by 2040 … read more on ‘why Brisbane’ here


Government and Industry Investment equates to capital growth

Government and Industry Investment equates to capital growth





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