Where to Invest in Toowoomba

Toowoomba has a GDP estimated at $11.56bn growing at 3% pa, a fast growing inland city with a population of 165,140, is one for investors to watch that include key indicators to ensure ongoing capital growth and sound rental yields – such as : redevelopment, major new infrastructure projects, lifestyle amenities and retail hubs, population growth and sound education facilities.

“Population planned to grow to 244,000 by 2031 !”

Investment Property Toowoomba

$180 Billion … is the amount currently being invested in the Toowoomba Region creating thousands of new jobs now and into the future !!

Toowooba Region Economic Profile June 2021

Toowoomba Property and Investment Property Report September 2021

Read Toowoomba Planning and Development here

” New jobs attracts population growth, which places upward pressure on the supply of dwellings thus increasing capital values and rental yields”

Queensland’s biggest inland city has a population of almost 160,000 projected to grow by 43% by 2031 to over 300,000 people

With government investment, industry investment new jobs get created attracting population growth to fill these positions placing upward pressure on the supply of property to own or rent

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport is Australia’s newest airport and the gateway connecting Toowoomba and south-west Queensland to the World providing both domestic and International Services and hundreds of new jobs + major benefit to export providing growth after the signing of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Toowoomba, also known as The Garden City having more than 150 public parks and gardens.

Toowoomba is perfectly located close enough to the expanding opportunities in the Surat Basin and only 127km west of fast expanding Brisbane and is recognised at the Gateway& Service Town to the Surat Basin.

Did you know that over $1 Billion dollars pa is injected into the Toowoomba economy directly and indirectly due to activities in the Surat Basin!

Families are moving to Toowoomba for Lifestyle Opportunity whilst the breadwinner is close enough to high paying jobs in the nearby Surat Basin as Toowoomba develops into a Regional Centre for both Business and Government becoming the economic engine for the region

Homes in Toowoomba are still vary affordable and the increase in Rental Demand has pushed rental yields higher making Toowoomba an excellent location to own an Investment Property

The Toowoomba Bypass Project worth $1.75 Billion dollars is underway + the Warrego Highway upgrade worth $96 million dollars will ensure smooth and safe flow of vehicles to and from the Surat Basin and other locations along route + offer around 1,800 new jobs attracting more families into Toowoomba

Economic highlights

“Toowoomba region is undergoing billions of dollars more investment than anticipated changing the City for ever … your investment opportunity is now!

Regional development body, Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise, estimated that more than $14.42 billion in total development spending was going into the area – almost double estimates put out just a couple of years ago equating to an 8% increase.

The Toowoomba region continues to maintain a high level of sustainable development spend on projects proposed, approved and awaiting commencement and underway.
This includes $4.14 billion in projects proposed, $5.75 billion in projects approved and awaiting commencement and $4.52 billion in projects underway. Most importantly, the
Toowoomba region has steady and equitable investment across the three project stages (proposed, approved and underway) which is consistent with sustainable growth.

“Proposed projects for the region, which include the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Project and a new Bunnings, totaled more than $5.8 billion, while projects currently underway totaled more than $3.5 billion,” according to the TBSE’s May Development Status Report of the Toowoomba Regional Council Area. “There is a 40% growth in infrastructure developments in the Toowoomba Region since 2014.”

TBSE chief executive Shane Charles said the real development figure overall was much higher, given the $11B excluded “a vast number of developments under the $2 million construction cost threshold”.

“No other regional city, nor capital city for that matter, will be able to boast the amount of infrastructure development occurring,” Mr Charles said. “We will no doubt become the epicentre of infrastructure. I look forward to seeing some major growth in our region over the coming years.”

John MCGrath on why Toowoomba, Margaret Lomas on why Toowoomba


Toowoomba often sits in the top 10 Hotspots with values growing by 25% over the past 3 years

  • 31% of residents in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley are renters – the high demand has created a shortage of dwellings in Toowoomba
  • 24 people are looking per vacant property
  • Boasting a low vacancy rate
  • Rental yields 5% to 6%
  • Capital growth in double digit figures during 2012 – 2015/16
  • Vacancy rates have remained under 3% for several years

ANZ Australian Housing Chart book of Jan 2012 states Toowoomba as one of the better performing regional locations in QLD, having a price growth of around 3% being higher than overall regional Queensland and Brisbane markets

The neighboring Lockyer Valley is one of Australia’s fastest growing regional areas putting a high demand on property compounded by a battle to keep up with supply

Toowoomba Railway Parkland’s priority development area

Planning for an urban village and parkland has been formally adopted by State Government paving the way for massive investment and the creation of thousands of new jobs

Jackie Trad said the development would reshape Toowoomba and attract more visitors and new investment. Estimated to provide up to 3,300 jobs during construction and a further 1,800 new jobs in the retail and service industries

Covering 51.3 hectares the site will be transformed into a regionally significant, all inclusive community asset with integrated open spaces for activity, recreation, interaction, entertainment and relaxation and mixed use including residential units, townhouses and homes

Toowoomba is a successful Investment Opportunity because it ticks most investors boxes having all required fundamentals

  • A fast growing population
  • Affordable housing
  • Tipped to continue to grow in line with population growth
  • Rental yields 5% to 6%
  • Low supply struggling to keep up with high demand of growing population in most suburbs
  • A strong and diverse economy
  • A growing business community
  • Plenty of Infrastructure spending
  • Major PLUS is the Coal Seam Gas Industry in nearby Surat Basin
  • Toowoomba was already a prosperous city before CSG
  • Employment a high and successful rate of 98.5% and is one of the best places in Australia to get a job
  • Multi-faceted industries (not reliant on one in particular)
  • 20 year Master Plan well on it’s way improving CBD, infrastructure, vibrancy, sustainability etc


The Surat Basin is widely known for vast investment into CSG (LNG) by Queensland Gas Company’s $15 Billion Dollar project which will increase the economic viability of the region dramatically over the coming years. Providing stability and growth to Toowoomba and surrounding locales

Toowoomba has one of Australia’s most diverse and robust regional economies, industry in the area include :

  • QLD Gas Company $15 bn project
  • Gas Pipeline from Surat to Gladstone $40 million
  • Cameby Downs Coal Mine $190 million
  • New Acland Coal Mine $1.7 Billion expansion program
  • AGL Wind Farms only 40km from Toowoomba $270 million
  • Regional Airport project approved $100 million + $20 mil for private hangars
  • Toowoomba Bypass $1.75 bn
  • $4.7 bn inland rail project
  • Warrego Highway upgrade $96 million
  • $1bn injected into Toowoomba economy from industry in the region
  • Brisbane to Melbourne Inland Rail Project
  • Toowoomba Railway Goods Shed $10m project
  • FKG Group Pulse Data Centre $40m
  • Yarranlea Solar Farm by Risen Energy $200m
  • New Bunnings store in Toowoomba
  • Projects underway totaling over $3.5 billion
  • Projects awaiting commencement over $2.1 billion
  • Over 50% of goods to and from the port of Brisbane emanate from Toowoomba and West
  • Unemployment rate a low 1.9%
  • Low Rental vacancy rate supported by a continued rise in demand

There is a diverse economy in Toowoomba that includes manufacturing, agriculture and education; meaning Toowoomba is not solely reliant on a single economy or resource sector for it’s continued growth

Toowoomba is Queensland’s largest inland city and is highly regarded as the gateway to the rapidly expanding Surat Basin Region 160km to the north west. The Surat Basin Region is Australia’s largest energy province with upwards of 27,000 square km and a proposed capital expenditure of $140bn dollars. The nearby Surat Basin is alive with gas-related activity, providing a secure major additional element to the city’s strong and diverse economy

Toowoomba is bounded by Somerset Region and the Lockyer Valley Region to the east, the South Burnett Region in the north, the Dalby Region to the west and the Southern Downs and Goodiwindi Regions to the south

CEO of Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise, Shane Charles, says “Current investment is a reminder of how much activity is happening in our region and what this means for the community. We have an unemployment rate far lower than Queensland’s average and major opportunities set to come our way. This is an exciting time to be in Toowoomba and we will only see more growth in the coming years.”




Toowoomba is growing by 2% annually and is now classified as the most populous inland city

With a growing population heading towards just over 169,000 mark Toowoomba is a thriving major Northern Queensland hub. By 2016 the expected population of Toowoomba is estimated to reach around 180,000 residents and an expected 300,000 by 2031 

The main occupations in the city of Toowoomba is made up of : 20.7% professionals, 13.7% technicians and trades, 13.2% laborers, 13% clerical, 12.4% community and personal services, 9.5% sales, 9.3% management and 5.8% machine operators and drivers

The Queensland government forecasts Highfields, Westbrook, Toowoomba south-east and Toowoomba west to be the fastest growth areas of Toowoomba over the next 4 years

Economy is strong and growing with ABS Statistics stating that the unemployment rate is around a very low 1.6% even though the population grew by 7%.



According to Suncorp Report 2013 Toowoomba has one of the lowest unemployment figures in Australia at 1.9% with new jobs being created regularly in Toowoomba and greater Toowoomba Region

The TBSE research found between 6,500 and 10,000 new and fulltime jobs will be created during the first three years of the completion of the Wellcamp Airport, Toowoomba bypass and the QIC shopping centre redevelopment


Did you know that Toowoomba has more than 23 private schools, a technical college and a University of Southern Queensland Campus making Toowoomba and ideal city to grow up and get educated in

The high standard of education offered in Toowoomba is also a major attraction for residents migrating into the locale



Toowoomba is well serviced by Bus Queensland with frequent inter-city bus and rail services and is well served by the Toowoomba Airport with planned new airport investment underway. With an investment of $1.055 Billion into restoration of the region’s transport network completing in June 2015.

The Airport and business park’s total cost is around $300 Million; with further investment into the airport once current works completed

Toowoomba is included in the $4.7 Billion Melbourne – to – Brisbane inland rail project and also making the list is the much needed $160 Million SQ Freight Terminal

Building Boom

A staggering $3.5 Billion currently underway in Infrastructure and Services and in Mining categories

The building Boom includes new retail precincts : $25 Million North Point Shopping Centre has recently completed as has the $20 Million Drayton Shopping Centre and ready to go are the Garden Town and Grand Central chopping centres worth $150 Million

Toowoomba Railway Parklands fly-thru

Toowoomba remains your investment opportunity for capital growth potential and healthy rental yields

 Investment Opportunity

Toowoomba remains high on the list of recommended locations as per Terry Ryder in Smart Property Investment magazine; based on being “a prime example of a strong regional economy that benefits from the resources sector but doesn’t rely on it with Toowoomba standing out as first choice”

Mr Ryder states that “few places are better located than Toowoomba to benefit from the greatest force in the Australian resources sector, the LNG industry”

Toowoomba having a diverse economy, having high employment rate, continued population growth, demand for dwellings, healthy rental yields and being a support city for the resources sector in the nearby Surat Basin … but not solely reliant on it, making it a safe long term strategy for investors

Also achieving top 21 location hotspot status in Australian Property Investor, Smart Property Investment Magazine and Your Investment Property magazine

RP Data’s David Williams quotes “Toowoomba is quickly becoming a base town for CSG mining companies” and is accordingly top pick by David

If you based your decision on Toowoomba today you would not invest here, however if you are looking to secure an investment opportunity that could achieve both capital growth and increased rental yields then Toowoomba is predicted to be an Investment Hotspot over the medium to long term time frame

Real Estate Institute of Queensland Darling Downs chairman Denis Duffy quotes “it comes as no surprise that Toowoomba was one of the hottest investment locations in Australia”


Report 1 : Why Invest in Toowoomba     download here

Report 2 : More about Toowoomba and surrounding area    download here

“No other regional city will be able to boast the amount of infrastructure development occurring.”

Quoted Shane Charles chief executive of Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE)

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