What is NDIS?

An SDA NDIS home from the outside looks like any new built home.


A new way of investing whilst providing support to Australians with a disability, to their families and their carers.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has been developed to provide housing for those in need to rehouse people with disabilities into accommodation for ongoing care in suitable specialised housing.

The NDIS scheme is a government initiative to rehouse people with disabilities in privately built homes, built to suited to house and meet disability needs.

Care providers have been established to place those with disabilities in these purposefully built houses to provide those with severe disabilities with 24 hour care.

High and rising demand for NDIS

There are over 460,000 Australians below 65 who have significant and permanent disabilities requiring such housing that have access to the NDIS Scheme in QLD supporting their accommodation needs. Currently across Australia 14% (around 4.3m) Australians have a disability.

Did you know that there are over 6,000 young people with disabilities in Aged Care facilities? We need to get them out and into purposefully designed and suited accommodation.

Can you imagine yourself doing good by others whilst owning a sound investment that those in dire need desperately are wanting?

A NDIS SDA Investment property (dwelling) is fast becoming appealing to Property and other Investors looking for high rental yield investments. Isn’t this what we all want?

And is also attractive to Investors wanting long term steady income at market beating yields. Stability with High Yields, two attractions appealing to investors. With the scarcity of supply and a growing need, a tenant will not want to move out, providing you with further stability.

Fully Functional and Suited to fellow humans with disabilities.

Property Management

Your investment is fully managed by SDAMA, a specialist property management firm who work with NDIS Service Providers in assisting their NDIS Clients to apply for and to be placed in suitable Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Another attraction for investors is that the process of registering the property with SDA at the commencement of the build is to have the property occupied as soon as possible after the property is complete and tenant ready. As there are very strict practices which have to be adhered to only a registered service provider can manage the NDIS SDA home. A company such as SDA Management Australia (SDAAMA) can manage your property.


Looking for high rental yields above market rates, looking for steady solid tenants?

Rental yields tend to range from 11.2% up to 18.32%

Property values could range from $570k to $800k and in-between

Rental Payments are made and received from 3 entities

  • Your tenant pays rent fortnightly being 25% of the base disability supplement under fair rent contributions
  • The Commonwealth Rent Assistance scheme pays 100% fortnightly paid by the tenant. This supplement is non-taxable!
  • NDIS SDA Payment Schedule pays their proportion quarterly in arrears, this is a standardised yearly amount.
  • SDAMA’s ongoing management fee is 8% (+GST) of the gross rental income.
  • Should a tenant move out, the NDIS SDA portion of rent will continue for either up to 60 days (2 or 3 participant rooms) or 90 days (4 or 5 participant rooms)

Properties that meet NDIS requirements range in type of dwelling, size of dwelling and type of fitouts to suit.

SDA Property / Ndis Property

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

Government Funded accommodation funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for people with disabilities who need homes adapted or specifically designed to help deliver the support they need.

As we know, there is a dire lack of suited accommodation for independent living people with disabilities, and sadly this need is growing. Hence a new housing market for people with disability is emerging across Australia to build affordable and accessible housing for Australians with a disability and who therefore have high support needs.

Successful applicants receive an ongoing subsidy to access housing and providers willing to invest, build and maintain the required housing will have access to the annual recurrent Commonwealth budget of $700m for SDA.

With the rise in demand over 16,000 new or refurbished SDA places over the next 5 years are needed, with only 650-700 having been created during 2019.

People with the disability are empowered to decide where they want to live and who they want to live with, this initiative is incredible and highly appreciated and valued by disabled people who qualify. A massive life and game changer for them and their independence.

The NDIS has been running for 5 years resulting into a developing housing market for people with a disability, radically and positively transforming their lives whilst giving them new choice of where to live. How good is that!

No need to be institutionalised when you now have choice.

Your Investment will also be supporting a growing need! How good is that

When you own and invest in a NDIS SDA home your hard earned money is working very hard for you whilst at the same time, thing of all those incredible Positive Impacts you will be making on others in need.

Money is a beautiful thing when using it for the greatness and goodness of others.

Money does grow on trees when you plant the right trees!

Without money, you would not be able to achieve your own financial independence, but you would also not be able to support others who have much higher needs than you do … people with disabilities!

“Go for your life, make an incredible difference to others in need whilst owning a sound investment!”

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  1. Amir says:

    I’m interested in to NDIS investment property ,could you send me packages of investment opportunities?

  2. admin says:

    Hello @Amir, thank you for your inquiry. We take our clients investments very seriously and if you also take it as seriously as we do, the only way forward is to have a telephone conversation as there are 7 moving parts in a SDA investment under NDIS and it is important to get the decision correct from the outset, we are sure you would agree? Happy to share a conversation, please call me on 0413 108 125

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