Why invest in Moreton Bay property?

Moreton Bay Property

Moreton Bay Region is a growth leader in South East Queensland and worthy of your investment.

Moreton Bay property is highly sought after because Moreton Bay is fast becoming a market leader with consistent and strong demand for real estate to own or rent. It is on of the nations Top 10 Municipalities for buyer demand.

Terry Ryder has been advocating Moreton Bay Region as one of his Top 10 Best Buys for a while now on the back of sound and growth infrastructure on the ground and coming to the region, compounded by a further increase in demand and a low supply.

It ticks many boxes for investors who are looking for affordable locations and strong healthy rental yields which also offer strong capital growth potential on the back of key growth factors.


Moreton Bay Region is a location with a sound and growing economy and strong employment generation further attracting population growth.

Infrastructure, both existing and future are planned and budgeted for as well as existing amenities and facilities that also include planned transport links, retail services, schools and recreational amenities. All contributing to an enviable and affordable lifestyle for Moreton Bay Region citizens.

Investment into infrastructure such as the extension to the Petrie University and extended rail links to the Redcliffe Peninsula plus sound impetus coming from the Moreton Bay Region Regional Economic Development Strategy 2020-2041 forecasting and planning for the Region to have a $40 Billion Economy by then, creating 100,000 new jobs. An incredible initiative attracting and stimulating continued population growth.

Both Government and Private Enterprise will expand on education, tourism, medical facilities, recreational amenities, sporting facilities, schools, parks, roads, public transport and more to enhance residential communities.

Job Creation

We know that when ever a government invests into infrastructure, they want a return on investment and this creates new jobs. We also know that industry then come in, invest and create new jobs. Followed by population growth for lifestyle and employment opportunities. This results in ongoing increase in demand to own or rent residential property. The end result of high demand and low supply results in capital growth plus increase in rental yields. An investors dream strategy coming true. Moreton Bay Region stars are all aligned thus attracting investors looking for capital growth potential + healthy rental yields and low vacancy rates.

Strong Population Growth

The Moreton Bay Region is a stand out ambitious and proactive council of determined folk who want to improve on the region. It is a growth precinct with a working plan to continue to evolve and improve on the region, whilst attracting significant investment, creating new jobs and to appeal to families to move into the region for work opportunities and lifestyle. All by deliberate design.

Moreton Bay Region offers the propensity to be a front runner of the growth trend that South East Queensland has become.

Supply and demand

Like most of SEQ’s regions, land is scarce and in high demand on the back of a rise in interest for people wanting to call SEQ home. Build time frames are taking longer to further compound low supply of new dwellings to own or rent. Vacancy rates are at historical lows resulting in above inflation rental increases. This vast array of complexities is attracting investors seeking out healthy capital growth potential and strong rental yields underpinned by low vacancy rates and a low supply of new dwellings.

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